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ShootUp IO - Game Version History

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0.1.10 - (27/05/2020) (May 27 2020):
> Brand new special zombies: The Tank | Thanks to Franchestcreator for inspiring the tank.
> Smart loot (you can disable it in the settings)
> You can't place building in the edge of the map anymore, I might tweak that later
> When you spawn the zombies don't attack you for 5 seconds. It doesn't work if you're playing with a team.
> Improved the mobile controls
> Cars go backwards faster
> Zombies health rebalanced
> The Speed perks is buffed
> Decreased the default sound volume 
> Fixed many bugs

0.1.9 - (21/05/2020) (May 21 2020):
> You can now play on your mobile's browser.
> Added full screen button
> Addition of a tiredness system.It was annoying to have to click shift again to resort, so now the player gets tired and can't run the time for the stamina bar to go up.
> How-to improvement

0.1.8 - (18/05/2020) (May 18 2020):
> Added building limit
> Added more zombies level
> Thanks to eogito, Timeout#3801, and Messyy#4574 for their help in finding bugs and typos

0.1.7 - (17/05/2020) (May 17 2020):
> Added a money printer
> Added a new shield regen perks
> Buffed life regen and bullet/gasoline/rockets perks
> Buffed turret (more health, increased scope and heavier)
> Fixed the bug that didn't correctly update the color of the zombies or the beginning of a game or when switching to the next level.
> Added fancy cursor (Thank you very much eogito!)
> Fixed leaderboard / some nickname were not displayed correctly
> Fixed the rocket launcher
> Option to change the volume of the fx
> Added an important tip that used to be a secret: zombies only spawn on the road.
> You can't shoot nor building anymore when you die
> Another optimization of the bandwidth (should reduce the bandwidth of 15 to 30%)

0.1.6 - (06/05/2020) (May 6 2020):
> Added new perks (weapon buff)
> Added some buttons to HUD
> Fixed some bugs
> Added a key to build (b per default)

0.1.5 - (04/05/2020) (May 4 2020):
> New upgrade system
--> When you reach a higher level by killing enough zombies you can now unlock bonuses
--> Health, Speed, Money, Rockets, Bullets and Gasoline Bonus
--> Metal wall (Just a stronger wall)
--> Low wall and Low metal wall (You can shoot through)
--> Landmine and Turret
> Shotgun consumes 5 bullets per shot now
> Added some SFX
> Added mouse wheel to change your weapon from primary to secondary (or conversely)
> Fixed bugs with shield gauge (was not visible for other players)
> Fixed a skin bug

0.1.4 - (01/05/2020) (May 1 2020):
> Bandwidth optimization again

0.1.3 - (30/04/2020) (April 30 2020):
> Added Leaderboard
> Improvement of the UI again

0.1.2 - (29/04/2020) (April 29 2020):
> Improvement of the UI
> Bandwidth optimization
> balancing weapons, cars and zombies
> Fixed many bugs

0.1.1 - (28/04/2020) (April 28 2020):
> Improvement of the collision system (especially with bullet)
> Fixed bug with nearby server detection.

0.1 - (28/04/2020) (April 28 2020):
> Initial Release


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